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Tissue Paper Napkins

Tissue Paper Napkins

Quick Details:

  • Type: Tissue Napkins
  • Material: Virgin Wood Pulp
  • Paper: 13 to 18 GSM Paper
  • Size: 30x30cm, 33x33cm, 40x40 cm
  • Layer: 1 or 2 Ply
  • Packing: 50 sheets and 100 sheets
  • Packing Details: As per Export standard Packaging
  • Delivery Detail: As per Client's Requirement


Type High Quality Hygienic Sanitary Papers
Paper Ply 1 or 2 Ply Paper
Color & Paper White, Virgin and Recycle paper
Paper design Plain / Embossed paper
Material Hygienic / Dry
Use In home for bathroom, toilet, kitchen or any other functions and occasions

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